Lia Castel

Lia Castel is an independent and autodidactic artist. Her artwork is like view over her rich and animated inner world – the spring from where Lia draws everything. Much more than windows on the external world, Lia Castels creates tables of information, the fruit of endless overlappings of feelings, perceptions, words, geometric forms, lovers, little animals, et cetera, et cetera. The fruit of her work is a text, apparently chaotic and non-sense; however, at a closer and more attentive look, it discloses its secret order and path. Considering the work of Lia Castel the fruit of a mere obsessive action generated with therapeutic purposes would be an error. In her artwork there is no goal, no prede ned objective: it is rather the expression of her internal vitality, not polluted by any mediocre bourgeois superstructures or phoney exhibitions of psychological equilibrium; there is no moralism nor functionalism, no ideology nor therapy: it is a «simple» and genuine ow, it is incessant and endless. It is a fountain, or perhaps a new tourist resort called «Saint Castellarina.»